Bee Proofing

Bee-proofing your home or business is all about preventative maintenance. Our bee-proofing service is useful if you have a history of bee infestations, have an older home, have a bee allergy, or if bees are continually attracted to your area. Bee-proofing services are for those wanting to prevent a future bee issue. If bees are scouting out your property for a place to build a hive, bee- proofing your home will prevent them from finding a suitable hive location, and they will move on. Bee-proofing typically includes sealing openings with durable materials so that bees cannot enter a potential nest site.

As part of our bee-proofing service, we will inspect your property thoroughly for potential areas that bees may find attractive for building a hive. Once the inspection is complete, we will then provide you with options for bee-proofing your home!

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