Beehive Removal & Repair

If you notice bees flying around your roof, your stucco wall, under your shed, or in another enclosed area of your home or office, you may have a bee infestation. Desert Swarm will inspect the area and diagnose the situation. If it is an established hive, we will gain access to the colony and then remove the bees, honeycomb, brood, and honey from the area.

Removing the hive material is VERY important as the area is loaded with bee pheromones and will continue to attract bees if not treated properly. Not only will bees be attracted to the hive if not removed, but other pests such as mice, rats, beetles, and ants will be attracted to the unattended beehive. Removing the hive may require minor repairs to your roof, sheetrock, or siding. Desert Swarm will repair the area used to gain access to the bee colony using the original material, if possible. We conduct our removal and repairs with minimal intrusion to your property.

Desert Swarm’s complete hive removal and repair service is an economical and efficient option because a separate contractor is typically not needed. We get the job done from start to finish – from inspection, diagnosis, treatment, hive removal, and repair! Desert Swarm will work with you on your specific removal needs.

If you see any unusual bee activity around your home, don’t wait to call us!


Hive removal and repair of a tile roof. After completion, you'll never know anything occurred!

Things to look for that may indicate the presence of a hive include:

*Bees flying in and out of a hole within a structure such as a shed floor, roof eave, perimeter wall, valve box, or a tree stump.

*Bees randomly flying around a man-made or natural structure that is obviously not a food or water source (shed, roof eave, etc.).

*Bees flying into your head or hair area, maybe stinging you for no apparent reason. This aggression can mean they are protecting a nearby hive.

*Bees in the house!

Let us help you prevent any further damage to your property and eliminate the risk of aggressive bee behavior toward your family, pets, and neighbors.

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