We Are Also Beekeepers

Desert Swarm provides live bee removals (if safe) because we are also small-scale, local beekeepers! Our hives are located southwest of Tucson in Altar Valley near Three Points, AZ. Bees that we collect alive from removal jobs or from live traps are transferred to one of several beeyards that we manage. As beekeepers, we value Africanized bees as pollinators to the area, and they produce the most delicious honey! Our bees forage mostly on a blend of Sonoran desert plants, mesquite trees, and Palo verde trees. We also employ organic beekeeping methods, meaning we do not apply any pesticides or chemicals to our hives, we do not over harvest their honey, nor do we feed our bees any synthetically created food.

Each summer, we harvest honey from our hives which is now available for sale at the One Stop Meat Market on Ajo Highway in Three Points. Perfect for local allergies! Pick up your jar of raw, local honey while supplies last!