Tucson Bee Removal

Tucson, AZ

If you are looking for bee removal services in Tucson then you have come to the right place! We are experts in the field of bee removal and bee control services. All of the wild honey bees in Arizona are Africanized, and Africanized honey bees are known to be much more aggressive and dangerous than their counterparts, the European honey bee. Living in the desert means that sometimes we get unwanted guests trying to move into our homes or living spaces. That’s when we come into the picture to help remove any unwanted or potentially dangerous bees from your home or property!

Tucson is Desert Swarm’s largest service area, and we conduct bee removal services at a wide variety of places including residential areas, commercial buidings, office complexes, restaurants, shopping centers, apartment complexes, schools, churches, hotel resorts, golf courses, and more! You can rest assured that we are equipped and skilled to safely handle Africanized bees in high-traffic, public areas. Services we commonly provide to Tucson insclude swarm removals (newly arrived bees), established beehive removals, bee-proofing, real estate/property inspections, and bee trapping.

To learn more about our bee removal services in Tucson, call us today! 520-310-0707