Expert Bee Removal in Tucson and Surrounding Areas

Desert Swarm Bee Removal, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business providing a number of professional bee removal, wasp removal, and consulting services to the Tucson metropolitan area. Chances are that if you are visiting our website that you have a bee problem and we are here to help.

Bee Removal In Tucson, AZ

Each year, Desert Swarm is a trusted name in bee and wasp removal to over a thousand residents and businesses in Tucson including top recognized companies. At any moment, we need to be equipped and ready to safely handle Africanized honey bees and wasps from a wide variety of locations and structures. From rooftops to utility poles, there truly is no job too big for Desert Swarm! 

Once Africanized honey bees become established, the risks to your property and safety increase. Nobody wants a hive melting down their roof or wall during the heat of a Tucson summer! When threatened, these beehives with up to tens of thousands of bees can attack and cause serious harm or be fatal to humans and pets. With over seven years of experience in the bee industry, Desert Swarm can safely and effectively remove any unwanted or potentially dangerous beehive or wasp nest from your property.

The peak season for bee activity in Tucson is typically March through August. During this time, Desert Swarm commonly performs bee swarm removals, wasp removals, bee/wasp-proofing, non-toxic water feature perimeter treatments, real estate/property inspections, and scout bee trapping. 

Desert Swarm also provides a full honeycomb removal and repair service which really sets us apart from other pest control companies and/or beekeepers. There is no need to hire a separate contractor because we go above and beyond to get the job done from start to finish saving you headache, time, and money! We carefully remove all honeycomb from your structure and fully repair the area which eliminates the risk of re-infestation. Removing the honeycomb is extremely important to prevent future bees from infesting the area.

How Much Does It Cost For Bee Removal Services?

Desert Swarm Bee Removal offers fair and competitive pricing for removal services based on the size, location, and ease of access to the bees or hive.

Learn more about our unique Beehive Removal and Repair Services.

Common Types Of Infestations In Tucson Homes And Businesses


Desert Swarm provides a full wasp removal service that includes an exterior property inspection and elimination of all wasp nests. We will also wasp-proof your roof vents, if needed. If you see one wasp nest, it is our experience that you likely have more on your property that have not been seen. Let us find those for you before they become a big problem!

In Tucson, we most commonly see yellow paper wasps which may become aggressive if disturbed. Unlike a bee, they will sting more than once which is dangerous for those who are allergic. We typically find wasp infestations under roof eaves, in outdoor light fixtures, in untrimmed palm trees, in electric panel boxes, and other shaded areas.


Africanized Honey Bees

Most often, Africanized honey bees build hives inside the hollow spaces of structures with a small entrance and exit to the outside world. Desert Swarm is very familiar with the unique construction styles of Tucson, and we know exactly where Africanized honey bees like to nest. For example, in Santa Fe and pueblo style homes, bees commonly infest inside parapet walls which is the raised portion of wall that extends around the roofline. Parapet walls are typically hollow, and honey bees will often find cracks to enter near the scupper drains or vega beams that protrude from the wall. In slump block ranch style homes, we often find bees nesting in the hollow space between the top of the block wall and the roof. Other common infestation sites include backyard block perimeter walls, irrigation valve boxes, saguaro cactus hollows, tree hollows, beneath outdoor sheds, underneath mobile homes, and in the roof/attic space of any style of home.

Interested in learning more about Africanized honey bee infestations and what to look for? Visit our page on Africanized honey bees.

Tucson Bee Removal at
Fair and Affordable Prices

Who We Work With

Tucson is Desert Swarm’s largest service area, and we conduct bee and wasp removal at homes, businesses, work sites, and high-traffic public areas. Take a peek at the types of clients we work with on a daily basis:

Residential Areas

Desert Swarm provides bee and wasp removal services in residential areas all across Tucson. We commonly work directly with residents, Home Owner Associations (HOAs), property management companies, apartment complexes, and home watch groups representing Tucson’s seasonal residents. We also conduct property inspections for realtors, buyers, and sellers during real estate transactions. We are prepared to work with you on whatever you need in bee and wasp removal!


With a population of over half a million residents, Tucson is quite a metropolitan area supporting all types of businesses and industry. We commonly service businesses such as commercial buildings, professional office complexes, industrial areas, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, churches, parks, plant nurseries, gas stations, hotel resorts, golf courses, and more!

Large Utility Companies, Construction Companies, And Mine Sites

Desert Swarm will go to great heights to remove Africanized honey bees!  We often work with Tucson service providers such as the largest electric and phone companies in the area, mining companies, and construction companies to remove bees from places like utility poles, cellphone towers, and heavy equipment. Encountering bees at great heights or while operating heavy equipment can be extremely dangerous for work crews. There is no quick escape in the event of an attack. We help keep job sites safe by reducing hazardous conditions for employees!


General Pest Control Companies

Sometimes, general pest control companies come across bee issues that they are not equipped to handle, so they call in the experts – Desert Swarm! Bees and wasps are the only pests that we handle, so this makes us specialists in the field. We are proud to be referred by quality general pest control companies that rely on us to take excellent care of their customers.

Golf Resorts

Tucson is home to prestigious golf resorts that attract players and pros from around the world as well as beautiful local courses that are frequented by Tucson residents. We have the pleasure of providing bee and wasp services at several courses for keeping the greens safe for everyone! We commonly see bees in saguaros, tree hollows, and irrigation valve boxes on the course. In fact, Greg recently removed an open hive from a tree as the pros were practicing for the Senior PGA golf tournament, and guess what was in it?! A golf ball!

Desert Swarm Provides Safety Training On Africanized Honey Bees

Desert Swarm also provides safety training on Africanized honey bees to field crews and other industries in Tucson. We provide training and education to emergency personnel such as local fire departments, city and county managers, construction crews, utility companies, landscape companies, and HOAs. This training basically includes a brief history on Africanized bees, how to observe aggressive bee behavior in the field, and what to do if an attack or emergency situation arises. If you have a need for bee safety training, we are happy to help you reduce the risk of injuries on the job!