Expert Bee Removal in Tucson and Surrounding Areas

Desert Swarm Bee Removal, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business providing a number of professional bee removal, wasp removal, and consulting services to the Tucson metropolitan area. Chances are that if you are visiting our website that you have a bee problem and we are here to help.

A "Robber" bee on unattended comb

Property & Real Estate Inspections

Desert Swarm works with property owners, buyers, sellers, and realtors on a variety of inspection needs.

If you are a property owner and are unsure if you have a bee infestation, we can thoroughly inspect your home or business for the presence of a hive. If you do have a bee infestation, we will then provide you with bee removal options. Let us ease your mind by thoroughly inspecting your property for bees!

We often get requests from buyers, sellers, and realtors to conduct property inspections as part of a real estate transaction process. This is especially useful if a property is known to have a history of bee infestations. If needed, we can provide you with documentation of our findings and any recommendations we may have.

Call us today to discuss your inspection needs and to schedule an appointment! 520-310-0707

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