Expert Bee Removal in Tucson and Surrounding Areas

Desert Swarm Bee Removal, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business providing a number of professional bee removal, wasp removal, and consulting services to the Tucson metropolitan area. Chances are that if you are visiting our website that you have a bee problem and we are here to help.


Whether you have a swarm (newly arrived bees with no honeycomb present) hanging on a tree limb or a well-established beehive in your roof, Desert Swarm has the experience, expertise, knowledge, and equipment necessary to diagnose and safely conduct bee removals at any location.

We Often Remove Bees From The Following Places:

*Tree Limbs

*Parapet Walls
*Dog houses
*Trash Cans
*Irrigation Valve Boxes

*Perimeter Walls
*Tree Hollows
*BBQ Pits
*Compost Bins

Is Live Removal And Relocation An Option?

Our number one priority is to keep your family, pets, the public, and our specialists safe during a removal. We only perform live removals of newly-arrived swarms, if it is a safe option. Safety risks associated with live removals depend on the size and accessibility of the swarm. This is evaluated by the bee specialist onsite at time of service.

We will only consider live removals of swarms that are:

1) Newly-arrived and not well-established

2) Completely exposed and have not moved into a structure

3) Relatively accessible (e.g. a swarm that is resting in a tree)

We do not offer live removals for swarms that are well-established or have already moved into a cavity or structure due to the territorial and aggressive nature of Africanized bees once disturbed. Either way, we can solve your bee problem effectively and safely!

How Much Does It Cost For Bee Removal Services?

Desert Swarm Bee Removal offers fair and competitive pricing for removal services based on the size, location, and ease of access to the bees or hive.

Desert Swarm values the importance of bees as pollinators, so if we can safely perform a live removal of a newly-arrived bee swarm, we will! Bee swarms that are removed alive, are then relocated to one of our own locally managed hives!

Non-Toxic Treatments For Pools Or Water Features

Are you seeing lots of bees at your pool? Are they becoming a nuisance? This is a very common problem that we see in the summer. Honey bees are attracted to water features such as swimming pools and fountains due to limited natural sources of water available in the desert. Bees are required to control the temperature of their hives. If not maintained at a temperature of 95 degrees or less, hive melt is likely to occur. To prevent this from happening, bees primarily use the water to cool their hive down.

We can help! Don’t let honey bees prevent you or your guests from enjoying a swim! Desert Swarm has a non-toxic treatment for deterring bees that is safely applied around the pool or other water features. We also arm you with the tools and information you need to prevent this from recurring so that you may enjoy your pool for the rest of the summer!