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Scout Bee Trapping

Do you have recurring bee issues year after year? Are you a part-time resident leery of returning home to a large, aggressive bee hive on your property? Are you a business owner concerned with the risk and liability of someone getting stung? Desert Swarm Bee Removal has a solution for you! Reduce the risk and liability of a serious bee infestation, and sign up for our scout bee trapping service.

Scout bee traps are designed to catch “scout bees” which are honey bees from a nearby swarm looking (or scouting) for a new place to build a hive. We install traps at carefully selected locations on your property to ensure their attractiveness to scout bees. This may include places that scout bees often investigate such as roofs, sheds, barns, and any structure with a crack or crevice leading to a hollow space. The scout bee is lured to the trap and is consequently prevented from going back to the swarm and communicating the new hive location on your property. As a result, the swarm will not learn about your property and will find a hive location elsewhere. This trapping method is an effective and safe solution for our customers!

Our scout bee trap program also warranties a property against any bee infestation! If you happen to get an infestation, we will take care of it free of charge as part of the service agreement.

Call us today to learn more about our scout bee trap service, and schedule a site evaluation to determine if trapping would be an effective solution for your property!

Bee Tracking

Is there an abundance of bees in your yard or around your pool? Are you unsure if there is a hive on your property? Desert Swarm offers property inspections and bee tracking services to determine if you have a hive on or near your property. If we locate a hive on your property, we will then provide you with bee removal options.
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Residential Scout Bee Trap